B A B E S C H Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology

M.F. Rönnberg
Zum Sarkophag des Larth Velcha in Tarquinia und dem Export karthagischer Marmorsarkophage nach Etrurien

A re-evaluation of the sarcophagus fragments in S. Maria in Castello in Tarquinia, first published by M. Morandi, along with the addition of some new fragments allows the reconstruction of two marble sarcophagi. Morandi’s assignment to the burial of Larth Velcha in the local Tomba degli Scudi is still valid for one of them. Its new reconstruction resembles three pieces from San Giuliano, Carthage and Larnaca, which can be recognised as belonging to a bigger group of marble sarcophagi of the second half of the 4th century BC due to their form and painted decoration. This group comprises sarcophagi with lids featuring ‘standing’ figures and simpler ones with lids shaped as gabled roofs. The distribution area as well as the conception and iconographical details of the figured lids show that Carthage is the most likely production centre of the whole group. Four marble sarcophagi and two local imitations attest to the import to southern Etruria, probably by traders from Tarquinia. They can be seen in the context of a revival of Carthaginian-Etruscan trade in this period.

Article in volume 92, 2017, pages 93-114

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