B A B E S C H Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology


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Douwe Yntema
Mental landscapes of colonization
The ancient written sources and the archaeology of early colonial-Greek southeastern Italy

Jan Paul Crielaard
Homeric and Mycenean long-distance contacts: discrepancies in the evidence

Conrad M. Stibbe
Gitiadas und der Krater von Vix

Peter Attema
Landscape archaeology and Livy
Warfare, colonial expansion and town and country in Central Italy of the 7th to 4th c. BC.

C.L. Luttikhuizen
Differenze di gender nelle necropoli arcaiche della zona medio-adriatica italiana

Steven Hijmans
Language, Metaphor, and the Semiotics of Roman Art
Some thoughts on Reading the Mosaics of Mausoleum M in the Vatican Necropolis

Lorenza Grasso
Two new Corinthian kotylai painters from San Francesco Suare's 'stipe' in Catania

L.B. van der Meer and N.L.C. Stevens
Tiburtinus lapis. The use of travertine in Ostia


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