B A B E S C H Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology


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In Memoriam Prof. Dr. A.N. Zadoks-Josephus Jitta
In Memoriam Prof. Dr. H. Brunsting


Frank Vermeulen and Catharina Boullart
The Potenza Valley Surveyview the abstract
Preliminary Report of Field Campaign 2000

Marijke Gnade
Satricum view the abstract
Preliminary report of the 2000 excavations by the University of Amsterdam

Marianne Kleibrink
The Search for Sybaris view the abstract
An Evaluation of Historical and Archaeological Evidence

Stephanie Böhm
Zur 'Ehrenrettung' des Leidener Asklepiosreliefsview the abstract

L.B. van der Meer
Decorated Etruscan Stone Sarcophagi view the abstract
A Chronological and Bibliographical Appendix to R. Herbig, Die jüngeretruskischen Steinsarkophage (Berlin 1952)

Natalie L.C. Stevens
Dating proposal concerning Hellenistic alabaster urns from Chiusi view the abstract
A chronological appendix to E. Brunn-G. Körte, I rilievi delle urne etrusche I-III

J.M. Hemelrijk
Zeus' Eagleview the abstract

Sonia Mucznik and Asher Ovadiah
The Bronze Statuette of a Mouse from Kedesh and its Significance view the abstract

Paul Kessener
Vitruvius and the conveyance of waterview the abstract

Eliz. P. de Loos-Dietz
Mourir et ressusciterview the abstract
Un monosandalos Gallo-Romain et ses successeurs Une représentation unique dans une série unique accompagnée et soutenue par des motifs de nature variable

Sylvia Diebner
Die nördliche Exedra des Templum Pacis und ihre Nutzung während des Faschismus view the abstract

Eric M. Moormann
Carandini's Royal Houses at the Foot of the Palatine: Fact or Fiction?view the abstract


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E. Kunze-Götte-J. Heiden-J. Burow, Archaische Keramik aus Olympia (by J. M. Hemelrijk)

F.-H. Massa-Pairault (ed.), Le mythe grec dans l'Italie antique. Fonction et image (by L.B. van der Meer)

Patrizia Tartara, Torrimpietra (by L.B. van der Meer)

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Susanne Muth, Erleben von Raum - Leben im Raum. Zur Function mythologischer Mosaikbilder in der römisch-kaiserzeitlichen Wohnarchitektur (by M.J. Versluys)

Sheila Campbell, The Mosaics of Anemurium (by M.J. Versluys)

M. Donderer, Die Architekten der späten römischen Republik und der Kaiserzeit. Epigraphische Zeugnisse (by H.W. Pleket)

L. Chioffi, Caro: Il mercato della carne nell' Occidente romano. Riflessi epigrafici ed iconografici (by H.W. Pleket)

Martin Spannagel, Exemplaria Principis. Untersuchungen zu Entstehung und Ausstattung des Augustusforums (by Eric M. Moormann)

Patrizio Pensabene-Clementina Panella (eds.), Arco di Constantino, tra archeologia e archeometria (by Eric M. Moormann)

Martin Cook, Medieval Bridges (by Michel M. Bakker)

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