B A B E S C H Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology


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In Memoriam Prof. Dr. Jos de Waele


Klaas Vansteenhuyse
Political strategies and the settlement pattern in early Iron Age Philistiaview the abstract

R. de Zwarte
Evidence of the so-called Golden Section in Archaic South Italy: the Hera Temple I ('Basilica') at Paestum view the abstract
With an addendum on the Parthenon at Athens

Gina Salapata
Greek votive plaques: manufacture, display, disposalview the abstract

Hélène Verreyke
The Faliscan Red-Figured Stamnos of the University of Ghentview the abstract

Frank Vermeulen, Patrick Monsieur and Catharina Boullart
The Potenza Surveyview the abstract
Preliminary Report on Field Campaign 2001

Eric M. Moormann and Miguel John Versluys
The Nemrud Dag Project view the abstract
First interim report

Helke Kammerer-Grothaus
Die zerstörte Nekropole 'Via Imperiale' und die Mosaiken der Kirche S. Balbina in Rom view the abstract

Stephan T.A.M. Mols
Ricerche sulla pittura di Ostiaview the abstract
Status quaestionis e prospettive

D.C. Steures
Late Roman Thirstview the abstract
How Dark Coloured Drinking Sets from Trier were used

D.C. Steures
Germanic Pendants and a Roman Medallionview the abstract
Fifth-century Pendants from Late Roman Cemetery in the Inner City of Nijmegen


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