B A B E S C H Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology


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In Memoriam Prof. Dr. Frédéric Louis Bastet


Alexander Fantalkin and Oren Tal
Reassessing the Date of the Beginning of the Grey Series Transport Amphorae from Lesbos view the abstract

Maurizio Giangiulio
Deconstructing Ethnicitiesview the abstract
Multiple Identities in Archaic and Classical Sicily

Agnes Bencze
Symposia Tarentina
view the abstract
The Artistic Sources of the First Tarentine Banqueter Terracottas

M.K. Termeer
Early Colonies in Latiumview the abstract
A Reconsideration of Current Images and the Archaeological Evidence

Gert-Jan Burgers and Jitte Waagen
Excavations at I Castiedd' di San Pancrazio Salentino, Southern Italy view the abstract

Natalie L.C. Stevens
Catalogue of the Etruscan Alabaster Urns with Mythological Representations from Chiusi view the abstract

Angelo Verlinde
Monumental Architecture in Hellenistic and Julio-Claudian Pessinus view the abstract

Kees Peterse
Die Rekonstruktion der Holz-Erde-Mauer de Römerlagers Oberaden view the abstract

Jürgen Hodske
Häuser und Mythenbilder in Pompeji als Spiegel der Gesellschaftview the abstract

Eric M. Moormann
The Illustrated Papyrus from Turinview the abstract
Review article

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