B A B E S C H Annual Papers on Mediterranean Archaeology


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Mary B. Moore
Kleitias, Dionysos, and Cheiron — view the abstract

Alexandra Alexandridou
Hermes in Attic Black-Figured Vase-Painting — view the abstract
Reflections on Contemporary Attica

Jeffrey A. Becker & Jessica Nowlin
Orientalizing Infant Burials from Gabii, Italy — view the abstract

Charlotte R. Potts
The Development and Architectural Significance of Early Etrusco-Italic Podiaview the abstract

Boutheina Maraoui Telmini
Découverte de latrines puniques du 5ème siècle av. J.-C. à Carthage (Bir Massouda)view the abstract

Dimitri van Limbergen
Vinum picenum and oliva picena view the abstract
Wine and Oil Presses in Central Adriatic Italy between the Late Republic and the Early Empire. Evidence and Problems

Helke Kammerer-Grothaus
Monumentum Augustiview the abstract
Das sogenannte Columbarium der Freigelassenen des Augustus

Olivier Hekster
Imagining Powerview the abstract
Reality Gaps in the Roman Empire

Francesco Trifilò
Public Architecture and Urban Living in the Roman Cityview the abstract
The Example of the Forum of Timgad

Johan Flemberg
The Vitruvian Man and the Golden Section view the abstract

Jonas Danckers
The 2nd-Century AD Crisis in Altinum (Venetia, Northern Italy) — view the abstract
A Mixture of Historiographical Determinism and Archaeological Scarcity?

Gaetano Arena
Siti costieri ed attività produttive nella Cirenaica tardoanticaview the abstract

Michael Donderer
Nicht immer wörtlich zu verstehen view the abstract
Wie Bildhauer mit griechischen Inschriften Werbung betrieben

REVIEWSBuy and download as PDF file

Michael Donderer, Die Mosaizisten der Antike II. Epigraphische Quellen – Neufunde und Nachträge (by Anna Anguissola)

Irene Bragantini/Rosa De Bonis/Anca Lemaire/ Renaud Robert, Poseidonia – Paestum V. Les maisons romaines de l'îlot Nord (by Anna Anguissola)

Maria Xagorari-Gleißner, Meter Theon. Die Göttermutter bei den Griechen (by Mark Beumer)

Alexandre G. Mitchell, Greek Vase-painting and the Origins of Visual Humour (by J.M. Hemelrijk)

Contrôle et distribution de l'eau dans le Maghreb antique et médiéval (by Sufyan Al Karaimeh)

Nancy A. Winter, Symbols of Wealth and Power. Architectural Terracotta Decoration in Etruria & Central Italy, 640-510 B.C. (by Riemer R. Knoop)

Tobias Fischer-Hansen/Birte Poulsen (eds), From Artemis to Diana. The Goddess of Man and Beast (by Jean MacIntosh Turfa)

Ada Cohen/Jeremy B. Rutter (eds), Constructions of childhood in ancient Greece and Italy (by L.B. Van der Meer)

Beryl Barr-Sharrar, The Derveni Krater. Masterpiece of Classical Greek Metalwork (by L.B. Van der Meer)

Judith Swaddling/Philip Perkins (eds), Etruscan by Definition. The Cultural, Regional and Personal Identity of the Etruscans. Papers in Honour of Sybille Haynes, MBE (by L.B. Van der Meer)

Paul Fontaine (ed.), L'Étrurie et l'Ombrie avant Rome. Cité et territoire (by L.B. Van der Meer)

Valentina Vincenti, La Tomba Bruschi di Tarquinia (by L.B. Van der Meer)

Fabio Colivicchi, Materiali in alabastro, vetro, avorio, osso, uova di struzzo (by L.B. Van der Meer)

Philip Perkins, Etruscan Bucchero in the British Museum (by L.B. Van der Meer)

Taner Korkut, Girlanden-Ostotheken aus Kalkstein in Pamphilien und Kilikien (by Eric M. Moormann)

Andrea Faber/Adolf Hofmann, Die Casa del Fauno in Pompeji (VI 12) 1. Bauhistorische Analyse. Die stratigraphischen Befunde und Funde der Ausgrabungen in den Jahren 1961 bis 1963 (by Eric M. Moormann)

Catherine Saliou, Vitruve. De l'architecture livre V (by Eric M. Moormann)

Marjatta Nielsen/Annette Rathje (eds), Johannes Wiedwelt. A Danish Artist in Search of the Past, Shaping the Future (by Eric M. Moormann)

Peter Schultz/Ralf von den Hoff (eds), Structure, Image, Ornament. Architectural Sculpture in the Greek World (by Eric M. Moormann)

Sabine Fourrier, La coroplastie chypriote archaïque. Identités culturelles et politiques à l'époque des royaumes (Travaux de la Maison de l'Orient 46) (by Giorgos Papantoniou)

Athanasios D. Rizakis/Francesco Camia (eds), Pathways to Power. Civic Elites in the Eastern Part of the Roman Empire (by Daniëlle Slootjes)

M. Meyer, Die Personifikation der Stadt Antiocheia. Ein neues Bild für eine neue Gottheit (by Miguel John Versluys)

Dominique Gerin/Angelo Geissen/Michel Amandry (eds), Aegyptiaca serta in Soheir Bakhoum memoriam. Mélanges de numismatique, d'iconographie et d'histoire (by Miguel John Versluys)

Patricia S. Lulof, Architectural Terracottas in the Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam (by Nancy A. Winter)

Asher Ovadiah/Sonia Mucznik, Worshipping the Gods. Art and Cult in Roman Eretz-Israel (by Diklah Zohar)